Welcome to a wide world of choice

The wide range of new homes planned for Brickworks Park will create a diverse neighbourhood with residents at many different life stages.

Designed to accommodate first home buyers, professional couples, young families, empty nesters, retirees and more, this exciting new close city precinct will see a unique and interesting daily rhythm of life.

Smiling woman talking with friends sitting at dining tablet at home. Group of people having great time at dinner party.

Diversity is universally known to be an important cornerstone of a strong, vibrant community, and here are just some of the reasons why:

The traditional neighbourhood vibe    

With around 170 apartments and 29 luxury townhouses in Stage 1, Brickworks Park will feature a wide selection of high quality home options to suit many different budgets and lifestyles.

While having many contemporary floor plans to choose from is an obvious benefit, there are many other advantages to living in a community with people at various stages of life.

For starters, with a cross-section of singles, couples, families with children at home and downsizers, not everyone is going to work at the same time so there will always be people around the community.

Town planners believe this level of diversity has a positive impact on the vitality of a community, making people feel more connected, more secure and more at home.

Whether you love chatting to neighbours, lending a hand or just sharing a friendly wave, it’s always reassuring to know there is a familiar face around at all times of the day.

Another key advantage relates to the way a diverse community works together to create a strong “traditional neighbourhood vibe’’ where children play in the streets and people enjoy all the benefits of healthy outdoor living amid green open spaces.

This fusion is what gives a neighbourhood its energy, and at Brickworks Park we’ve made space for the things that really matter – creating a place where neighbours can get to know one another, become trusted and valued friends and where everyone truly feels at home.    

Less traffic, more convenience    

Getting around the city is easy from Brickworks Park and the access to public transport is excellent.

In fact, seamless traffic flow is another part of the Brickworks Park appeal, with the diversity of residents playing an important role.   

Again, it’s attention to detail in the design of a community that can make all the difference.

With people of a wide range of ages and daily pursuits, not everyone is simultaneously doing the daily commute, shopping on Thursday nights or taking the kids to sport on Saturday mornings.

Recent workplace trends are seeing more people working from home in the future, meaning there are more people around during the day, and less impact on traffic at traditional peak hour times.

At Brickworks Park, you don’t have to travel far for anything in any case.

Central to all the everyday conveniences you need, residents will also save time travelling to different parts of town on daily errands.

With close proximity to top schools and childcare facilities, the stress of the school run drop-off and pick-up run is also a thing of the past.

And with around 43 per cent of the 4.67 hectare site dedicated to green open space and communal recreation areas, you don’t have to go anywhere at all to keep fit or connect with neighbours in the green outdoors.

Living options for everybody

World-class, considered planning has gone into our wide range of apartments and townhouses designs.

At Brickworks Park, we’re ushering in a new style of high quality, boutique-style living while meeting a strong demand for clever residential options in the near city northern suburbs of Brisbane.

This is part of our commitment to creating a diverse community, and regardless of what phase of life you are at, gaining value for your investment is always important.   

Our townhome designs feature flexible layouts, natural palettes, open-plan living and lounge areas to welcome the breezes. Seamless indoor-outdoor transitions provide residents with the ability to adapt to the seasons and their way of life.

Apartments will showcase elegant feature brickwork and open-air corridors for natural flow of air and light, along with a range of floor plan designs to suit a wide range of needs.

To follow the journey of Brickworks Park, call us on 1800 861 868 or register your details on our website contact form.