12 sustainable features you’ll experience at Brickworks Park

Combining world-class technologies with the best in urban planning, each apartment and town home at Brickworks Park has been designed with the environment in mind. Let’s look at just some of the key sustainable features you’ll experience when you choose to call our masterplanned neighbourhood home.

1. Energy efficient floor plans
It starts with a good design, and that’s why homes at Brickworks Park are designed with the Queensland climate in mind. Most apartments and townhouses are orientated North with an open-plan layout, deep balconies and self-shading windows, to make the most out of the humid, sub-tropical Brisbane climate. Clever and practical design lets the fresh air in and helps reduce energy emissions all year round.

2. Natural light in homes
Apartments and townhouses at Brickworks Park have been designed to maximise natural light. This not only reduces carbon emissions, but also boosts residents’ overall health and well-being too. Most units feature an entry balcony and a larger balcony just off the living room, allowing natural light to easily shine through. So, whether it’s a morning coffee on your balcony, or a Sunday morning with the sun shining through one of the many large windows, homes at Brickworks Park have been designed to utilise the best natural lighting possible — we are in the Sunshine State, after all!

3. Electric vehicle charging stations
As more consumers look towards electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint, it makes sense that the need for electric car charging facilities must be considered. That’s why at Brickworks Park, you’ll find electric car charging facilities in each dedicated car space to charge a vehicle, so you can get to where you need to be, much easier.

4. Dedicated bicycle spaces
Not a driver? With over 19% of Queensland residents riding a bike in a typical week, and plenty of safe bike ways in Brisbane for residents to enjoy, it’s safe to say Brisbane residents love the power of the pedal. So, whether you’re looking for a sustainable option or just on a health kick, Brickworks Park has a bike rack in every car park, making it easier to zip around. For those who have a few bikes to store, Brickworks Park also have additional bike racks in the basement to stow away your two-wheeled transport as well, it’s that easy!

5. Sensor lights in general areas
With a range of luxurious amenities onsite, it’s even better to know these have all been equipped with sustainable features in mind too. A study in the US estimated that installing modern light sensors and controls in most commercial buildings can save as much as 29% of energy consumption, so it’s a no-brainer to use the best-of-the-best in smart technology in our general areas. Sensor lighting will be equipped in the lobbys, corridors and basement carparks. The lighting in the pool precinct will also be timer controlled for more efficient lighting and to help reduce emissions, it’s a win-win!

6. LED lighting
There’s nothing worse than bad lighting in a home, particularly at night. Not to mention, low quality lighting can actually use more emissions. Rest assured, all lighting in apartments at Brickworks Park are energy efficient LEDs. LEDs can last up to 25,000 hours and use much less energy than conventional lighting without compromising on the amount of light. In an added bonus, they use less heat – which come summertime, will make summer evenings much more pleasant.

"Brickworks Park" sign on green, leafy wall with gold lettering. The sign is in Brickwork Park's modern sales suite.

7. Energy efficient air conditioning
There’s no denying that air conditioning is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions in households, and as temperatures rise, we feel the need to switch on the cooling. To manage this, all apartments will be fitted with energy-efficient air conditioning. It’s estimated that by switching to fans to cool indoors, it can reduce electricity consumption (and costs associated with cooling) by around 70 per cent in a typical Australian year. For those looking for even more sustainable options, fan packages are also available to help reduce household emissions even further.

8. Energy efficient elevators
Elevators are an essential everyday staple for apartment living (especially when you’re moving in), so how can we make these sustainable? At Brickworks Park, energy efficient elevators are to be equipped with variable voltage, variable frequency (VVVF). Sounds technical, but this essentially regulates the voltage in the elevator to help reduce emissions. A sleep function is also enabled for the lift to ‘rest’ when it’s not in use.

9.  Gas recirculating hot water systems
Sustainability can be great for the hip-pocket too, and when it comes to hot water, it’s a massive cost for households. Powering hot water is a large energy user and it’s estimated to be on-par with the energy use of a refrigerator. Gas-recirculating hot water systems are a more efficient form of hot water and will be equipped in our apartments (along with water-efficient tap fittings) to save both electricity and conserve water.

10. Improved air quality
Did you know the type of paint used in a home can affect the indoor air quality? This is because higher levels of volatile compound paints have more chemical solvents in the formulation and can contribute to pollution and reduce the indoor air quality. With more and more Aussies spending more time indoors such as working from home, ensuring the highest level of air quality is a no-brainer when it comes to modern living. To ensure the indoor air is healthy, low volatile compound paints will be used on all internal walls at Brickworks Park.

11. Native flora and veggie gardens
Who doesn’t love a good garden? Not only are they lovely to look at, but plants also help improve the environment quality. At Brickworks Park, you can look forward to enjoying the planting of over 15,000 plants (including many native species) to help improve the air quality and protect our environment. Plus, the onsite veggie garden means you can exercise your green thumb and eat local.

12. Responsible rubbish management
Sustainability doesn’t just end at home. It’s important to protect our waterways, parks and forests, and this typically starts with rubbish. Managing waste is important at Brickworks Park, so recycle provisions in basement garbage rooms and a software system for greater facilities management, will help further our green initiatives. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to enter a new era of sustainable living, protect the planet and save the hip-pocket too.

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