Why this first home buyer loves Brickworks Park

Sold on the convenience and lifestyle on offer at Brickworks Park, Henry Zhong is excited to be entering Brisbane’s property market for the first time. After years of living internationally, he decided to call Brisbane home, proving that owning a home is still possible for young people.

We spoke with Henry to discover more about his first home buying journey!

Brisbane’s growth potential

The strong growth forecast for Brisbane was one of the key influencers on Henry’s decision to buy at Brickworks Park.

“I have lived in China, New Zealand and islands up in Whitsunday Coast,” Henry said.  

“In my 20’s I loved traveling and having new experiences and never thought I would settle down anywhere. But since moving to Brisbane two years ago and changing my career from hospitality management to recruitment, I found myself wanting to set down my roots in Brisbane as the weather, city and lifestyle here suits my needs. So I’m very excited to move into a brand new property of my own after decades of moving around.”  

First home buyers can avoid rising rental costs 

Despite the increased cost of living, many first home buyers are still getting into the property market thanks to Government incentives like the First Homeowners Grant scheme.

Henry said opting for an apartment in the first instance was a good way to get into the property market. 

“As a first home buyer, my plan is to get my foot in the door and have a place to call my own for at least a few years, and hopefully move into bigger property later down the track,” he said. 

“I’ll either sell this one or use it as an investment property, as I like gardening and arts/crafts, but that will depend on my lifestyle and personal situation in the future.”

Brickworks Park artist impression of the front of the new apartments.

Buying new vs existing
While some buyers like the character of an older home, this aesthetic is still achievable for modern homes.

Henry said he wanted a modern apartment but still liked how the apartment design incorporated history, like the iconic Brickworks Chimney.

“It’s a brand-new property, not far from the city at an affordable price for first time buyers, and the thing I love about it is, it has preserved the old chimney to be incorporated in its landscape design,” he said.

Support options
Buying a home for the first time can be a little daunting, but rest assured there is plenty of support available when it comes to Brickworks Park.  

Henry said the buying process was very easy. 

“The buying process was clear and hassle free, agent Dan Lewis was very friendly and helpful along the way,” he said. 


Value and location are the two common drivers for first home buyers who are often looking to live in well-connected areas with nearby cafes, supermarkets and shops close to home.

Neighbourhoods like Brickworks Park are even more attractive to first home buyers because of the community being created with like-minded people as well as the connectivity to nearby amenity and services.

For Henry, he’s looking forward to the small things like being close to the city and enjoying his own space.

“I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the suburb living without a long commute to the city and buying the furniture I love, as I won’t be moving around a lot anymore.

Whether you’re a first homeowner or an investor, there are plenty of choices when it comes to living at Brickworks Park.

A handful of apartments and townhomes are still available for purchase. To find out how you could call Brickworks Park home, call the friendly team at Position Property on 1800 861 868 or make an enquiry here.     


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