Community Spirit Already Makes Brickworks Park Feel Like Home

Downsizers Steve and Annie Dobson believe an early sense of community spirit is already developing at Brickworks Park.

Among the first to secure an apartment, the couple have met several of their future neighbours and are looking forward to moving in and embracing everything the exciting masterplanned project has to offer.

“I think the sense of community spirit here feels very strong already. There’s a good deal of excitement about the project,” said Steve.

“It feels like we are coming home.”

The couple will be relocating from their five-bedroom house at Petrie to a brand new top-floor apartment at Brickworks Park, which will be a better fit for their lifestyle.

“We realised that while we have a very large home at Petrie, we are really only using a few rooms of it,” said Steve.

“We’ve looked closely at the design of Brickworks Park and we are really impressed with the sense of space surrounding the apartments and townhouses,” he said. “There’s plenty of open, green space to walk or exercise, along with all sorts of amenities to make you really feel like you’re part of a neighbourhood.

“We had been looking at apartments in surrounding suburbs, but typically they seemed to be located on a main road. Brickworks Park is the exact opposite of that.

“From the back of our apartment we will be able to enjoy a view to the cliffs and greenery which surround the site, and to the front we will be looking out to the surrounding suburb and hills.”

The couple say the attention to detail in the design of Brickworks Park especially struck a chord with them.

“Because we have a small dog we were originally looking at a townhouse. The beauty of Brickworks Park though is that all the little things have been thought of,” said Steve.

“We decided to buy an apartment instead when we discovered there will be a dog park on site.

“In addition, we’re only a very short walk from another, massive off-leash area beside the Newmarket Pool.”

The couple are also keen to move closer to family. Their son who is completing a two-year restoration of a Queenslander-style house just four streets away from Brickworks Park.

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