Brickworks Park Site Emerges As Old Buildings Demolished
Demolition crews have been hard at work clearing light industrial buildings to make way for the landmark new Brickworks Park neighbourhood, as these latest photos reveal.
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Clever Design Is Part Of Brickworks Park's DNA
If you’re looking for a home with an innovative edge, then discover how our award-winning architects have created a stunning collection of truly unique residences.
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Building A Legacy, Brick By Brick
From its very name to the subtlest of design cues, Brickworks Park is paying homage to its brick-making history. In fact - with so many clever references, it can be fun to spot them!
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The Brickworks Park Transformation Begins
Construction is under way! We’re thrilled to announce the start of hard demolition as part of site works for CDL Australia’s Brickworks Park neighbourhood, marking a very exciting milestone for our future residents.
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New Leash On Life For Our Residents
Brickworks Park will be the perfect place to live alongside your pooch - a pet-friendly community with all the facilities and open spaces to cater for your four-legged friend.
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New Public Parklands For All To Enjoy!
Brickworks Park residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of Brisbane’s beautiful climate while connecting with friends and family at the revitalised Victoria Park.
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Live, Learn And
Play Local
As Brisbane’s newest urban neighbourhood, Brickworks Park will be a short 7-minute drive to just about everything! Let’s explore some of the great lifestyle services near Brickworks Park.
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A Young Working
Couple's Dream Future
Kathleen and Matt’s dream of living a minimalistic, sustainable future close to the CBD has come true at Brickworks Park! The young working couple, and their two furry friends, have fallen in love with their new three-bedroom townhome and can’t wait to move into their new home.
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Desirable Brisbane Land
In Short Supply
Property experts are warning that land is in desperately short supply across south-east Queensland, with new masterplanned communities often a rare sight to see! Offering much more than traditional housing, learn what makes masterplanned communities so desirable.
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